15. March 2018
Six Tanka poems from Lee Jackson.

14. March 2018
A Brain Cell from legendary mail artist Ryosuke Cohen

12. March 2018
For Sait Toprak, the medium is the message, the envelop is the artwork.

08. March 2018
Six sets of cigarette box sized artworks from Lars Schumacher, Burgdorf/Hanover, Germany

06. March 2018
Beautiful digital art from Maria Darmeli Araujo in an equally beautiful envelope

05. March 2018
Good to know that Connie Jean's artwork complies to RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances).

04. March 2018
Julia's contribution is so delicately confined, I did not dare to open it.

03. March 2018
Roberto Scala is telling me that smoking is bad.

26. February 2018
"Fold me" by Teri Anderson. We'll put it into a cigarette box once we've figured out how to fold it.

25. February 2018
Artwork from Şinasi Güneş in a beautifully designed envelop.

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