13. February 2018
Taking an ironic twist, Anna Karina Fries puts children toys into cigarette boxes.

12. February 2018
At one meter length, Silvina Martinez stretches the boundaries of what you can put into a box of cigarettes.

08. February 2018
Intricately folded mail art from Katherine Acevedo, New York City.

07. February 2018
"Cut in 5 pieces" postcard from Thorsten Fuhrmann, Huglfing, Germany.

06. February 2018
A "Victorian city scape" from Tofu, San Francisco, CA, USA.

05. February 2018
Looks like a warning from the local Mafia, but is a contribution by a friend who knows my smoking habits.

04. February 2018
Three pieces by Sigrid Sack: "Confined habitat", "Aunt Ruby's German Green" and "Power of Emotions".

02. February 2018
Judith A. Skolnick is the first to put an elephant into a cigarette box.

30. January 2018
Another multimedia contribution from our friend Pietro Romano Matarrese. A collage with its own soundtrack.

29. January 2018
Three beautiful pieces from dorian (Dorian Ribas Marinho, Balneario Camboriu, Brazil). His works have already been exhibited in many renowned museums, e. g. the Wiener Secession (Vienna, Austria)

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